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Andrew Lee

Founder and Managing Director, StartX Med

Andrew Lee is the Founder and Managing Director for StartX Med, the 501(c)3 Medical Accelerator of Stanford University and Stanford Hospital. At StartX, Andrew leads investments in biotechnology, FDA/CLIA regulated products, and healthcare/life science enterprise. To date, he has supported over 200 medical portfolio companies and 25+ FDA approved products in the biotech, med device, and digital health/ AI spaces with $2B+ in cumulative funding since 2012. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of StartX-QB3 Labs, a joint medical science and engineering venture between Stanford’s StartX and UCSF’s QB3 programs. Andrew is the Founder/CEO of Spot Biosystems, a venture-backed gene therapy company supported by Stanford Hospital. Andrew received his MD/Ph.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine.